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In order to solve all the tasks with which we are faced in an expert and efficient manner, we have positioned our company in six business segments: Plants, Animals, Technology, Construction Service, Markets and Energy. The diverse positions that we need to fill arise from the tasks facing individual business segments and therefore differ widely from division to division.

  • Plants

    The production of high-quality food and renewable raw materials requires modern resources. AGRAVIS sells and delivers high-quality fertilizers and plant protection products as well as certified seed. Our crop growing specialists offer customers comprehensive on-site advice on how best to use the product range. Marketing the crop nationally and internationally is another key component in the production chain from the field to the shop counter.

  • Animals

    Livestock farming is fully possible only if the animals are healthy and productive. Factors like proper care, correct husbandry and species-appropriate feeding have a crucial impact on this. AGRAVIS offers a diverse range of high-quality and tailor-made products: feed and hygiene products for pigs, cattle, sheep, horses as well as poultry and rabbits. We know the needs of the market and actively help to shape changes to it: through constant product improvements and innovations.

  • Technology

    Most procedures in agriculture are highly mechanized. Farmers are professional entrepreneurs that are reliant on state-of-the-art technology. Machines not only help in cultivating fields, but also in taking care of animals. AGRAVIS provides effective support with an extensive offering of new and used machines. Our portfolio includes the world's leading brands. We provide expert advice on purchasing machinery and a reliable repair, maintenance and spare parts service.

  • Construction Service

    Construction is our passion. As specialists in consulting, planning and construction, we live out this maxim every day. As general contractors, we partner construction projects relating to agricultural structural engineering and buildings for trade, commerce and the service sector. We work creatively and flexibly on exciting projects. Furthermore, we run 13 of our own builders' merchant outlets and assist our customers with our specialist knowledge. To enable the extensive know-how in all specialist areas to come together optimally in the interests of customer focus, we have trained motivated staff to become senior specialist advisers.

  • Markets

    The Markets division focuses on highly emotional issues in retail services: pets, garden, DIY products as well as equestrianism and textiles are exciting product worlds which we are establishing with great success in the market. At one and the same time, we are merchandise category managers, system providers and advisers for our customers in the markets, orchestrating seasonable shopping experiences on a daily basis.

  • Energy

    The energy business is multifaceted. We supply heat for a cosy home - ranging from fuel oil to liquefied petroleum gas through to wood pellets. We keep our customers mobile with quality fuels and lubricants. Using the tradition-steeped "Raiffeisen" brand, we operate filling stations and offer expert services. We are committed to renewable energies in the form of innovative solar energy technology. In our trading and service activities, we act as a distribution partner for retail cooperatives and the medium-sized energy trade as well as operating regionally in the end consumer business.

  • Other Areas

    Many different tasks require a shared overarching structure. To provide the overarching coordination, management and support for our six business segments, AGRAVIS offers challenging functions and positions in the following areas, amongst others: Controlling, Information Systems, Finance, Human Resources, Auditing and Corporate Communication.

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