Silo construction and plant engineering

AGRAVIS Project Construction has operations for you in Germany and neighbouring countries

We have operations across Germany and in neighbouring countries and have virtually unlimited assembly capacity thanks to our excellent network.

Our portfolio of services in silo construction and plant engineering ranges from coffee roasteries or assembling to order for third parties (industrial enterprises, mechanical engineers) through to the assembly, repair and commissioning of conveyor technology in the grain and oilseed storage segment. We also handle spare part procurement and silo assembly. Thanks to our excellent network, we have virtually unlimited assembly capacity, even for major construction projects.

Operating site inspection

From September to December, our specialist fitters can also undertake the inspections required under accident prevention regulations and industrial safety legislation on an annual basis. We check:

  • Electrically operated doors, gates and windows
  • Lifting equipment (except forklift trucks), including elevating work platforms and similar.
  • Ladders

Business operations with quality management systems can use these inspections to meet their obligation to provide documentary proof that they monitor their facilities. Operations managers fulfil their duty of care if specialist fitters with the required expertise inspect their equipment once a year.

Customer testimonial

Client Rüdiger Lehmann, Rhenus SE & Co. KG, Silo Manager: “We have had excellent experience with the AGRAVIS silo construction and plant engineering team over many years and are always able to rely on them.”