Mill construction

Excellent examples of mill construction

Building a mill is a very laborious, complex process. AGRAVIS Project Construction has a great deal of experience in this segment. Here are a few examples of successful building projects in mill construction.

Gross Ippener oat mill

A new landmark has appeared in a 1,500 m area in Gross Ippener. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG’s Project Construction has built one of Europe’s most modern oat mills for the client, Harries Schälmühlenwerk GmbH & Co. KG. A large construction volume needed to be built within a short period for the oat mill. Mills are a challenging construction engineering project.

Slip forming

The silo tower with twenty-four internal grain cells was built in ten days using a slip forming method, ensuring optimum safety, quality and construction speed. Concrete needed to be cast continuously 24 hours a day. Ten different trades were working on the construction project at times – from civil engineering and building and steel construction through to roofing and complete interior fittings. The Project Construction site management had overall control of operations.

Intricate machinery

The project was exceptionally complex due to the highly intricate, extensive machinery. AGRAVIS also handled preparing licence applications, obtaining all licences and coordinating all safety and health measures.

Customer testimonial

Client Florian Harries (Harries Schälmühlenwerk GmbH und Co. KG): “It was a truly major project for us. The Project Construction site management needed to coordinate up to 100 people at times. Everything worked out really well and we felt that we were being looked after at all times.”

Mill in Spelle

Mill in Spelle

AGRAVIS Project Construction extended an existing mill for the client Emsland Flour Mills/Hemelter Mühle in several stages:

  • 2009: New construction of raw material cells comprising steel silos, including elevator tower with cleaning system; output: 300 tons/hour
  • 2013/2014: Extension to mills, comprising mill building/production, raw material cells made of reinforced concrete built using slip forming method, loading for bran
  • 2016: New building for a rail intake pit for freight trains; total capacity up to 2,000 tons, output 300 tons/hour
  • 2019: New construction of more raw material cells comprising steel silos linked to existing ones
  • 2019: Extension to include raw material and flour loading (planned)


AGRAVIS Project Construction: “It’s an extremely exciting project requiring considerable engineering expertise, a real challenge due to short construction periods and tight cost management.”