Industrial and commercial buildings

Excellent examples of AGRAVIS Project Construction’s work

We are your point of contact when it comes to commercial buildings, whether you wish to construct a timber merchant’s, a petrol station or a construction materials store. A few examples.

Münster-Amelsbüren construction materials store

AGRAVIS Project Construction has built a new location over 25,000 square metres as a replacement for the old retail building and erected a modern construction materials store in the Münster district of Amelsbüren. The new facility includes an office building with a specialist store and interior fittings, a 4,400 square metre warehouse and bulk good storage bays with a capacity of some 3,000 tons. The design focuses on customer benefit: customers can reach the construction materials store considerably more easily. On the premises itself, everything is close at hand. Customers can load their vehicles under canopies while delivery and dispatch vehicles have a separate area. This separation was one of the key features in the design.

Customer testimonial

Client Herbert Schmid: “Excellent planning, expert site management and the art of coordinating many trades at the same time were a fantastic achievement. We found the right partner in AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG Project Construction.”

Gundelach GmbH in Bockenem

A timber merchant’s was constructed on a site covering 18,000 square metres and features state-of-the-art equipment which fulfils the latest requirements. The new building allowed the client and Project Construction to meet the increasing demand for dry timber. Constructed in compliance with current fire protection regulations, an enclosed storage area over more than 5,700 square metres also features sophisticated logistics and provides optimal goods distribution. An additional 700 square metres is available for retail, office, and social space. Impregnation is another service that is offered.

Bad Rappenau petrol station

Detailed and technical planning are highly important for petrol station construction. All statutory requirements must be met, and petrol station systems and equipment must be optimally integrated. When designing and building the petrol station in Rappenau, AGRAVIS Project Construction also exploited its unique selling point on the market: specialist knowledge from all divisions in the AGRAVIS Group. The design was based on the client’s specific needs and the special features which a petrol station requires. These range from licensing procedures and assistance with official applications through to cost-optimised design and implementation. The shop area is another priority in this respect.

Licensing procedure

As with our other petrol station construction projects, in Bad Rappenau, we provided advice on crucial issues. These included the complex licensing procedure, the creation of construction plans which ensure optimum use of the site and transport links as well as the selection of the right construction materials and suitable machines and safety systems.

Customer testimonial

Client Christian Lutz, Kraichgau Raiffeisen Zentrum eG, Project Manager: “As a client, I’m in the best of hands with AGRAVIS Project Construction – from initial planning through to completion.”