Dangerous goods warehouses: Excellent examples

We have successfully built these warehouses for our clients

Two examples of successful AGRAVIS Project Construction projects in the warehouse segment.

Guderhandviertel project construction


The application process was very extensive and complex for the warehouse construction in Guderhandviertel due to the storage volume and on-site conditions. It required all our expert knowledge, including on how to optimise the necessary safety systems such as gas detection systems and CO2 extinguishing systems.

We compiled all application documents for the client and provided the necessary surveys and reports. We were also in charge of the complete detailed planning and engineering.

Customer testimonial

Client Arnd Lühders (LBAG Schmalenbrücke eG, Managing Director): “AGRAVIS Project Construction provided us with a tailored solution for special crops in Guderhandviertel in Altes Land.”


In Cloppenburg, we extended the existing plant cultivation warehouse to provide a storage capacity of 1,139 tons. The new annex covers an area of 974 square metres. A total of 1,566 Euro pallets or 1,049 industrial pallets can be stored on the high racks. Alongside a new, automatic CO2 extinguishing system, the warehouse also has several features that enhance safety such as a gas detection system, an intrusion detection system, fire water retention facilities and direct connections to both the fire brigade and the local police station.