Lüdenscheid Raiffeisen Market

A good example of a retail location construction

AGRAVIS Project Construction is your first point of contact when functional yet appealing retail buildings are required. One example is the construction of the Raiffeisen Market in Lüdenscheid.

The Raiffeisen Market in Lüdenscheid

In Lüdenscheid, Project Construction renovated and extended an existing location within the town in a short period of time. The market needed to be upgraded to provide a modern, clearly organised, premium facility which complies with the latest standards. The client attached great importance to a short construction period and cost-efficient implementation. It was essential to include spacious access, clear organisation and optimisation for customers. An own architectural style ensures immediate recognition for the client Raiffeisen Südwestfalen’s markets and takes inspiration from customer preferences. AGRAVIS Project Construction drew on the specialist knowledge from other departments for this project. This ensured a short, streamlined construction period with a cost-optimised construction method.

Customer testimonial

Client Marius Scholten (Executive Director at Raiffeisen-Südwestfalen): “The project was quickly and easily completed on schedule within the estimated budget. The Project Construction experts even accompanied us to committee meetings to present the project to councillors.”